The Reality of Truth

Often, we hear & converse or argue about Truth. Let’s dig into this topic a little more, I have come to the understand that there are two types of truth; one is the complete or unchanging truth known as the Universal or Objective Truth & the other is Perspective or Subjective Truth.

Objective truth is the one that remains unchanged & is the law of nature or a scientifically proven phenomenon while subjective truth is an human interpretation of the objective truth & is often dominated by emotions, feeling and experiences & understandings, situation, place etc. so it change from one subject or person to the other. For e.g. religion is a subjective truth. Most of the religions of the world follows Universe/GOD/Nature ( Objective Truth) but prescribed different ways to follow it (Subjective truth).

A lot of realities exists within the same Truth – My reality, your reality or someone’s else reality. In conversations or arguments we talk about Truth & False or Right & Wrong but many times that might not be the case there might not be any False or wrong, what might exist is really just different realities that come under the one truth or are different pieces of the same truth, so what’s important is to stand for your slice of truth i.e. one’s own reality or understanding of thing /situation.Truth is singular, Reality is manifold.

Reality comes from the word ‘Real’ that means existing, so reality is positioning/classification of already existing basis our outlook/understanding towards that & as each of us is unique, so is our reality. Have you ever thought how reality is created? Albert Einsten once said Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one & it seems to be a true statement. When an idea has been logically or illogically proved by various mediums over period of time it becomes our reality, so our thoughts are creating our realities & we get entangled into it & our life starts to work around these realities. There are 3 mediums that approves an idea or thought to be reality. These are Mind, Society & Media.

Mind creating Reality –  Our minds are there to think & this thinking is limitless, it is the very reason for all inventions that have happened till date. The mind generates a thought which grows into an idea which create possibilities. While many of the possibilities are ignored, few are accepted basis physical and emotional understanding & experience of a particular subject/possibility leading to action/decision. This action/decision becomes our reality.  For e.g.  two people fall in love, one expresses love openly & other is quite resilient to show his/her love, well this does not mean other person doesn’t love them. It’s just that his/her experience/understanding of love does not validate display of affection. It is one of the most common issue, we all have faced with people we love.

Society creating Reality –  We live in society that has rules & regulations and  all of us at a certain point have to comply to these rules. These rules give us validation and protection on one side & becomes a barrier to our growth   in individuality & creativity on the other hand. For e.g. from childhood children have been told that smoking and drinking are bad habits, the aim was to protect him/her from it but that child as an adult  finds it difficult to fit in with people socially.  He still thinks it’s a bad habit & limits himself from making new friends or meeting new people but the same person might be very comfortable with people have the same mind set & becomes friends with them quickly because they validating  his thoughts.

Media – What we see becomes our reality and today Media is creating our realities. We make anything we see on the internet or read in the newspapers the reality, but that might not be the case it might be half or broken truth. Anything that you see on internet has been created or written by someone & while communicating one cannot ignore to add his own understandings & perceptions of  it. So how do we authenticate the information we receive or know whether it is just someone’s perception of a particular subject/situation.  What we see on internet is not the truth but someone’s reality put across to us & if you are convinced with someone’s reality don’t believe that’s the only reality or truth, know there are other realities that are very different from your reality & accept it.

So next time be a little cautious or watch how your thoughts are leading to conclusions, observe how people are trying to convince you & how you are getting convinced over a point of view & be very alert while you watch any content on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or newspaper as all of this is creating your reality & “we only live our reality”.

There are infinite realities existing in the world, but those can be broadly categorized into three types.

  1. Tangible realities – These realities are based on appearance/ feel.
  2. Perceptual Reality – Created out of an experience, social norms & the mind.
  3. Paranormal Reality – Realities that are beyond the understanding of the mind.

Tangible Realities – These realities are the ones that can be seen or felt. For example, household stuff, a hug, a handshake etc. Anything that can be seen or felt is a tangible reality. People divide this reality into likes & dislikes or big – small etc. This really works on quantitative & qualitative analysis of a product/feeling leading to segregation/identification of product as being good, bad or okay & many times this only leads to next reality i.e. Perceptual reality.

Perceptual Realities – This is the most common type of reality & is born out of experience, society & mind. At all times we experience nature in some way or the other and based  on these experiences we learn/accumulate perspective. Perspective is defined as a way of looking at situations, subjects & objects based on our understanding & experience. These experiences begin with an accumulation of thought or social norms and become preconceived notions hence  creating  perception. Where there is perspective influenced by social norms & limited thought process, there is perception. A general example would be arguing about a glass being half empty (pessimism) or half full (optimism), but in fact the glass is is both. Another common example is different working styles to reach the same goal or target. Like all of us have unique physique or body, the same way we have unique minds , just because it’s not visible we feel it’s the same for everyone & that’s how one feels that his reality becomes everyone’s reality.

Paranormal Reality – As the name suggested these realities are abnormal realities, as the mind could not process/understand this information, these are beyond the understanding of mind but exists in the world.

When I ignore your reality or force my reality on you I remain I (alone),but When I start to understand & accept your reality I become WE (inclusive).


Discovering the Leader Within

Discovering the Leader Within

“LEADERSHIP” is a word that has a different meaning for each of us. But somehow we see it everywhere around us. From office to home to universities to friendships.

So what is leadership – Is  it just guiding  people ?? or may be something more, lets understand !!!


  • Appreciation – To Appreciate & recognize small actions or efforts that any member of the team puts in for any task, remember recognition can do miracles.



  • Set an Example – Being a leader is not an easy task, you always need to set examples in front of your followers/team to make them follow you, be it making sure that the task/ project is delivered in the specified timelines or being punctual to office.

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  • Delegation of Work – Being a leader, you need to understand that you cant do everything, so learn to delegate and accept the changes that the team brings in, but don’t forget keep an eye on work done or to follow up on tasks.



  • Insecurities – You need to get rid of your insecurities & biases &  give a fair chance to everyone for growth. A true leader is the one who moves forward with everyone.



  • Motivate – This is one of the most important aspects of leadership. The best way to motivate someone is to make them believe in themselves, push them to their limits & make them believe they are the best at whatever they are doing.



  • Remember – Always remember the fact that you are a leader only because of your team/supporters/followers. If they are not there, you are no one.  (Then & Now)


  • Be supportive – Business is not only about making profits, many times you will bear losses as well, but that doesn’t imply that you will shut down the business. Same applies to people as well, if they make mistakes, scold them but make sure you support them. Leaders who supports their team in the times of need, are true leaders indeed.



  • Vision – Vision not only to grow the business but to make sure that people grow not only financially but personally & professionally as well.



  • Availability – Ye leadership nahi aasan buss itna samajh lijiye, true leader banna hai toh 24 x 7 available rehna padega…if you are with family or girl friend or for that matter making out, every call from team is top priority. :p


  • Treat people,the way you want to be treated, be harsh on yourself first & then on others.



  • Be open enough for new ideas by any of the team members, always follow a team route rather than individualistic approach.



  • Patience & Belief – There will be a time when things will not go your way, everything around will be messy. Don’t lose your self  & believe that you & your team will overcome all the obstacles.



  • Follow your instincts – It is the most important aspect that takes you ahead. Follow your instincts, even if you have to go against the tide. Always remember, as a leader you cannot keep everyone happy & this shouldn’t stop you from taking decisions.




We are perfect somehow in our own imperfections…we all have flaws. What keeps us together is, us being humans and that is the key for any organization. In this race of making money, we often forget that people run the business & not money. We just need to know how to manage people & rest will be managed by them.

Remember “Money, Services, Machines & processes are all made for humans , Humans are not made for it”

Jagriti Yatra 2015…The Life time Journey of Motivation with Fun

A time comes when everything around is messy, but you attain peace within yourself.



A time comes when you don’t lose unanimity, but you see the versatility



A time comes when you are not worried about your vulnerability anymore, because you take care of everyone



A time comes when we you always have something to give and you don’t expect anything in return



A time comes when you find no reason to move ahead, but you still see a ray of hope.



A time comes when you are not scared to lose anymore, because life teaches you victory is valiant



A time comes when you don’t fall in love, but you love everybody,



A time comes when you see everything going your way, but you follow others.



A time comes when you have all the comforts you want, but you leave it to create your own Identity.



A time comes when you stop judging people, but try to understand who we actually are.






A time comes when you want to take a bath, but you skip coz its freezing cold.


A time comes when all you want to is sleep, but chai chai chai wakes you up


A time comes when you want to chat the whole night, but Col. Bhaya comes & remember Col. Bhaya doesn’t mince his words



A time comes when people are not bathing, but towels and undergarments can be seen on berths & windows


A time comes when you are irritated with the ‘Keep moving team’, but you still admire them & their work



A time comes when you fight over BGT/ Presentations, but to make others lose is no more the motive


A time comes when Role model visits are crucial, but we prefer bunking & exploring



We often wait for the right time but it flies away at its own speed like those 16 Days of The Jagriti Yatra 2015


At a point of time we all wanted it to STOP, but now it just feels it should have continued