“LEADERSHIP” is a word that has a different meaning for each of us. But somehow we see it everywhere around us. From office to home to universities to friendships.

So what is leadership – Is  it just guiding  people ?? or may be something more, lets understand !!!


  • Appreciation – To Appreciate & recognize small actions or efforts that any member of the team puts in for any task, remember recognition can do miracles.



  • Set an Example – Being a leader is not an easy task, you always need to set examples in front of your followers/team to make them follow you, be it making sure that the task/ project is delivered in the specified timelines or being punctual to office.

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  • Delegation of Work – Being a leader, you need to understand that you cant do everything, so learn to delegate and accept the changes that the team brings in, but don’t forget keep an eye on work done or to follow up on tasks.



  • Insecurities – You need to get rid of your insecurities & biases &  give a fair chance to everyone for growth. A true leader is the one who moves forward with everyone.



  • Motivate – This is one of the most important aspects of leadership. The best way to motivate someone is to make them believe in themselves, push them to their limits & make them believe they are the best at whatever they are doing.



  • Remember – Always remember the fact that you are a leader only because of your team/supporters/followers. If they are not there, you are no one.  (Then & Now)


  • Be supportive – Business is not only about making profits, many times you will bear losses as well, but that doesn’t imply that you will shut down the business. Same applies to people as well, if they make mistakes, scold them but make sure you support them. Leaders who supports their team in the times of need, are true leaders indeed.



  • Vision – Vision not only to grow the business but to make sure that people grow not only financially but personally & professionally as well.



  • Availability – Ye leadership nahi aasan buss itna samajh lijiye, true leader banna hai toh 24 x 7 available rehna padega…if you are with family or girl friend or for that matter making out, every call from team is top priority. :p


  • Treat people,the way you want to be treated, be harsh on yourself first & then on others.



  • Be open enough for new ideas by any of the team members, always follow a team route rather than individualistic approach.



  • Patience & Belief – There will be a time when things will not go your way, everything around will be messy. Don’t lose your self  & believe that you & your team will overcome all the obstacles.



  • Follow your instincts – It is the most important aspect that takes you ahead. Follow your instincts, even if you have to go against the tide. Always remember, as a leader you cannot keep everyone happy & this shouldn’t stop you from taking decisions.




We are perfect somehow in our own imperfections…we all have flaws. What keeps us together is, us being humans and that is the key for any organization. In this race of making money, we often forget that people run the business & not money. We just need to know how to manage people & rest will be managed by them.

Remember “Money, Services, Machines & processes are all made for humans , Humans are not made for it”


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